What’s it about:

There are some things that every teen should know. There are some conversations that every young person should have. Our teen brave course covers a range of topics that are critical to the wellbeing of young people.

What’s included:

  • Videos
  • Questionnaires
  • Self-reflection activities

Every module includes a combination of stories, anecdotes, research, brain science, and tips to help you consider the choices you as a young person wish to make to make great choices throughout your teenage years. We believe the topics we will discuss are important for every young person to consider, discuss, and explore and we hope that this will be incredibly valuable for you personally and relationally. 


Value of the Human Person

In a world where we see the human person objectified and sexualised it can be difficult to develop our own sense of value around who we are and the role our bodies play. This module will help us consider the value every human person carries.


This module will look at the impact of pornography on young people today. We will discuss the neuroscience and research that every young person needs to be aware of and consider why learning about sex from pornography can be problematic.


The module will modern and complex issue of sexting. We will share the research, the legalities, and give you the understanding of what happens in the brain when someone sends a nude.


This module will look at our understanding of consent with a focus on clarifying the confusion. We will discuss why consent is important in all our relationships whether romantic or otherwise.


This module will look at the emotions we experience as humans with a focus on the emotion of Anger. We will look at why we get angry and how to make sure we don’t let this powerful emotion control our behavior. 

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