Group Discussion Questions: 

  1. In a situation where sexting has gone wrong, there is a possibility that there might be victim(s), perpetrator(s) and bystander(s) involved in the scenario. Explore each of these three individuals and the way that they might be involved and or impact the situation.
  2. Do you think it is a common occurrence for young people to feel pressured into sexting?  Discuss with the group ways/ scenarios where young people might possibly feel pressure in this space.  
  3. Do you think that sexting and sending nude images over social media is dangerous?
  4. Do you think social media and pop culture has normalised the idea of sexting? If so, how?
  5. Do you feel pressure to photoshop or digitally manipulate your photos? 
  6. Imagine you are a senior student at a school and have the role of hosting a conversation with junior students in your school. Each student shares with the rest of the group two things that you think would be important to share around the topic of sexting. Remember that the students you are speaking to may possibly find themselves involved in a sexting scenario as a victim, perpetrator or bystander.